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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
I believe Corbin seats are usually lower than stock but from what I've heard it's like going from sitting on a 2x4(stock seat) to sitting on a 2x6. Some folks love em, some hate em.
I inherited a Corbin seat for my V65 Sabre. At first, I kept it on the shelf because it is notably uglier than the stock seat. One day I was working on the bike, thought of the Corbin, and tried it on. Felt hard as a rock! But lower. Felt weird, but I could put both feet solidly flat on the ground. I thought what the heck, let me take a ride with it on. After all, I've heard people swear by them. But I didn't even put the bolts in I was so skeptical. A few rides around town later, I had a pretty neutral feeling; it wasn't as cushy but it was tolerable and it did get me closer to the ground without sacrificing the bike's cornering ability. So I started venturing further out on it. I didn't get sore or anything so when a three-day riding trip came up, I got to pondering. I decided to take the chance on the Corbin, then didn't really think about it until I realized afterward that I never got that uncomfortable feeling I usually would get when riding all day. So like I forget who said it a couple pages ago, not thinking about it is a great endorsement!

Maybe the fact that it is wider and has a contoured shape - wider at the cheeks, narrows where the legs drop down - contributes to increased comfort. Maybe being harder helps... wouldn't seem like it, but maybe. It seems less comfortable to hop on it, but it certainly is more comfortable after being on it for hours.

I'd surmise that those who love it spend lots of contiguous hours in it while those who hate it are in for shorter stints and/or looks. The extra width is probably why the 2x6 analogy, but with stock being one of those rod shaped pillow rolls.
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