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Deccel Popping problems - cannot resolve!

I have a 2013 500 EXC & followed the desog instructions verbatim yet am still getting popping & backfiring on deccel. I have placed bolts in both openings & used high-temp RV sealant and Locktite. I have removed, inspected, and reinserted numerous times and still cannot get rid of that confounded popping! I've also had a competent mechanic friend double-check everything.

I do have the stock/mild/wild map switch installed (pops under all modes) and an FMF MegaBomb/RCT4.1 combo. Bike also stalls a lot in first gear despite moving the idle-adjust knob several clicks counter-clockwise.

I am pretty frustrated. :(

On a side note, I ordered the KTM billet check-valve for the gas cap, and noticed that it was missing during a ride yesterday. I am assuming that the tank pressurized during use & blew the valve off (the small hose was still connected). Since the valve only allows are to enter the tank, not exit, how would this not happen again? I don't believe there are any other vents on the tank to allow vapors to escape.

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