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AH, I came across your Ride Report back in November. I knew from the first page it was going to be epic. So I stretched it out and read a few pages every few days, savoring it like a fine meal. And here I'm catching up just as you near the end this most excellent adventure.

I've written down quotes and posted a few on Facebook for friends. I've forwarded links to various pages of this RR to biker and non-biker friends that appreciate great writing, fine food, and superb B&B's. Heck, I've saved links to a fair number of whole pages of your RR in my Favorites due to your pictures and thoughts, as well as the educational contributions from the other inmates of this institution!

So I want to thank you for... well, Thanks For Everything in this Ride Report. I have been looking at my past and worrying about my future for a while now, and this has energized me to start hunting, and catching, my dreams.

My wish is that your future continues to be huge! I suspect it will be!
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