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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post

as much as I would love to! I would actually prefer a blue headlight.... BUT I work at a ktm dealership and so parts are pretty cheap in comparision to something we don't carry in house...

so you saying I should? or shouldn't?

]ya.... the bike would make a great bike to keep around forever.... talk about one happy kid receiving a prior RTW bike... thing is... I won't push my future kids into bikes... I want them to discover them on their own... that's not saying I won't highly actively facilitate! [/COLOR]

I understand, and would probably do the same if in your shoes, though with a blue bike you shouldn't need many parts and they all come from KTM anyways...

Follow your dreams my friend, it's a natural evolution to give all your love to a bike, have great times with it and then move on when your interests/needs change. Now if money is no issue, then keep it by all means... but if you're working on a budget then it should go.... by the time you might come full circle and want a big heavy comfortable DS bike to do long travels on there will be something better or newer out there anyways. You go do well in Dakar and folks will be GIVING you bikes just to have photos of you riding them.
Racing on any international level is a pretty expensive sport, Baja is within my grasp since I can drive right down there.... Dakar.... I can only imagine.

Good luck in your decision, I think you already know what you need to do since you already committed to the next step. Selling your GS will solidify your commitment, you'll "owe" it to the bike you've loved to go do it then.,.. and it won't mind, there's another person who will fall in love and take her beautiful places as it serves no purpose just sitting in a garage.
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