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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
The actual event is often only a small part of the whole "adventure"

I did 18,000 miles from about April to September riding around the country and going to various "Rallys" I bet only 500 of those miles were actually while at the rally.

Several times I met other riders along the way, at the rally or on the way back and ended up riding with them for hundreds or thousands of miles I even took an "800 mile left turn" to meet up with some guys I met at a rally earlier in the year

As for packing the bike, here are a few misc tips.

-You really only need a complete set of clothes and something to wear while cleaning/drying those clothes. I usually have 2 tshirts,(the tshirts should help keep the outer layers cleaner) a long sleeve, a mid layer, and my riding gear. 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shorts for swimming.

I run with long beach type swim shorts for under wear most of the time. It dries very quickly and you can strip down to it anywhere in public and not worry about being harassed by the cops or ??. It also does not tend to get stinky and cleans quickly.

I use a Keen hiking sandal when I'm not on the bike. With riding socks unter them they look like shoes and can be used as a hiking shoe, but you can also use them to visit a pool, hottub or just let your feet breath. Packs down flatter than most shoes and gives a dual benefit.

I run hard bags since there was lots of road use and that's what came with the bike. I also may carry more camera gear than most. Easy to unload it and leave in a tent if you are camped for multiple days. You should be able to get as much or more stuff in the soft bags. I was also carrying a HUGE tent and chair on my back seat since I was living off the bike. A "a-lite" chair and smaller tent would have easily fit in my top box.

Good luck, ride and enjoy

(she was kinda hot Got to hang out with her all by myself for over 30 minutes waiting for the "pilot car". During that time the sun really started to cook and I needed to strip out my insulating layers. It was nice to have "shorts" on under all that gear so that I did not end up with some sort of federal case for exposing myself to the flag girl)

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