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Originally Posted by dad2bike View Post
Has anybody got experience will running smaller rear tires (knobbie) on the 690?
I don't want to get into a tire brand discussion, just a size question.
The tires I run on my 525 are 120/100-18. The next size is the 140/80-18. I was thinking if I dropped down to the 120 I might just be able to keep the lowering link installed and not hit the tank.

Another thought- I haven't noticed any posts or threads about drilling the drain holes in the 690 swing arm. Isn't this an issue with them as with the rest of the KTM line?
I have a 130/80-18 on the rear right now. I prefer the big ol' 140/80. You need to get that power to the ground!

I'm not familiar with the swing arm problem you talk about.. they fill with water?
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