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I have done some plotting of the national parks I want to hit, leaving out any place I have been already... and seeing as it is going to be wet and miserable in the Northeast in May... I now have the idea of hammering out to Albuquerque around May 15th and then meandering along the rift valley in NM, hitting four corners, north side of Grand Canyon (have been to the south side)... and then Utah and Colorado north with the 89 North from Yellowstone to Glacier in mid to late July.

This will free up August for the southerly path from Seattle, Portland, Cascades and then late Aug/ Sept into N Cali and then the Sierras.

This seems like a reasonable modification. I think I was just making it too complicated trying to hit the East Coast in the same trip... I know I would make it to The Rockies and be feeling really pressed for time to see everything I want to see.

Another thing is that getting rid of things is really overwhelming. I used to not own things, and, well, now I have nice furniture and a pretty good sized rock collection and some original art I enjoy. I am sure friends will let me store some stuff at their homes for really cheap... so that would take a load off... pay three months up front and then mail them a check if I don't get back before September.

There is SO MUCH to see and do out west... I am waiting on taxes and the final say so on a couple of the job offers and then... ha ha ha... getting out of dodge in May. Keep suggestions coming for rallies.... I would post up my photo of the parks I pasted on the big map... but I really can't figure it out. Anyone have a clue how to do that without paying for a photo hosting site... please let me know!
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