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I believe we are getting at the point where this Honda exercise might be showing it's true colors. In order to justify any racing expenditure,the HRC boys always have to convince the marketing dept. of real world applications. Fuel consumption has long been their justification in MotoGP (the abominable 21lt rule). They might be thinking along the same lines for the Dakar effort (introducing the same fuel efficiency exercise to the offroad market).

In the mind of Honda, the lessons gained by tweaking and pushing the EFI to the limits might be more important than a first year win.

I might be completely wrong though

I think you might be very close to the mark.

It is the sort of thinking - fuel consumption - that Honda would have. Or, the sort of 'argument' proponents of a Dakar / Rally effort within Honda would use as a Big Thing to get / help justify re-entering the Dakar / Rally scene.

Off course, along with the massive publicity that Dakar gets.

Look at the styling of the team bikes / customer (pre-production?) kits. Really Look. There's a real "family" style to the 'fairing'. Have a squizz at the CBRs - all types, the Cross Tours, the new 3 bike 500 platform. The forward 'wing / radiator shroud' below the nose piece, and the 'straight line' along the downwards edge below it. A very "family" style of bodywork.

Honda won't win - never would have expected to win this first time back. They are just getting back into it. They'll sort things, and probably use lessons learnt throughout the corp. Possibly / most likely with regards to a new / updated CRFX base bike, or, in these straightened times, just another 'model' bike, through different bodywork on the existing CRFX platform. Hey Presto! - A new Rally / Rallye Bike!. Take the market for a 450 Adventure Bike, right from under the nose of KTM, and others.

They'll hire an Alien. If Cyril gets this one, Coma becomes 'available', they might be in line for a very big final contract / paycheck. Contracts, can be broken........... A bloke like Barreda Bort looks like being just a step away from that "Alien" category. And / Or grow / nurture their own - Sam S might be the one they had / have in mind, for a "Alien Growth Project". With apologies to Sam's Mum.

Honda, have influenced so many other sectors of Motorcycle Sport. Hell, why not use their influence to push for Fuel Capacity Restrictions / Fuel Economy. That will push All bikes to be using fuel injection in Rallies - no carbs..........not even for KTM .

Even the mighty (please note - a level of sarcasm here) Honda, can stuff up, and miscalculate the amount of fuel needed. I'd say there may be a fair few engineers stunned by the "non constant wheel spin" or, " wildly variable wheel spin, not fitting within their projected parameters" they've recorded. After all, these are only, just Dirt Bikes - not Moto GP bikes (note sarcasm again). = PGM FI Dakar engineers, just before they fall on their swords.

Remember the EXP / EXP2 bikes - Jean Brucy's 5th outright, on a 400cc 2t. That was a "fuel economy project", if ever there was one (to get it passed by Honda's' higher ups). The same "idea", but of course, with their favoured 4ts, could be a Very Large part of Honda being back. Some engineers, with a love for racing, can think 'laterally', when they are pushing to get back into 'having fun' - Oops - developing new technology, for the benefit of the corporation. Having Fun, For Profit, comes to mind. Engineers, who love racing, can be crafty blighters.

PS : An updated version of the EXP2 = The World, set to rights. And the kicking of a lifetime for the 4ts out there. Of course, it will Never Happen. Just a fantasy of mine. Hopefully, some other company may eventually do something.

Honda = All Four Stroke, All The Time. Such is life...........
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