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I see a lot of similarities between Robby Gordon and Tony Alessi - I can watch a video / hear an interview with either of them, and come out thinking, either, "he's a good bloke", or, "he's a total ****wit".

So, so polarising.

Just going by what RG said in that - His - video, if there were 9 cars who got through earlier, I'd say that the rest of the field, should get a 10th placing - I've no idea of the nominal gap you'd place from the final, actual finisher. 1 minute / 10 minutes, and so on and so forth, Perhaps a mean of the time gaps added together between the first 9? Who the hell knows / could get it "right".

When you see the water coming through / up in a lot of the videos, you can certainly see that it's just a bit more than the natural disadvantage ( most of the time) competitors can have after preceding drivers have gone through ( just setting aside the "marked track" side of things that can be an advantage). Ever been in a starting to flood, dry river bed, or a further flooding river, people ? I have, and it sure as hell isn't a soothing thing to be confronted with .

We don't know - but, perhaps Nasser had got to the flooding dry river beds. That's what He said happened in an interview. Who to believe?????????????? Do they have recordable traces of the cars / bikes? - in this day and age, surely that's possible, with reasonably secure 'available only to the organisers' settings.

I'd Never take RGs word for other competitors positions / motives / etc, nor others views on His position / motives etc, and the organisers decisions. As I would Never, with regards to others opinions on anyone else. They are all going to be from their own perspectives / prejudices. You'd be a Humper, for whoever you took as being the "honest one", out of any of them.

As I said, RG, can polarise just my own opinion of him, within a few words.

Perhaps, that's the real, one great talent / one great failing he has?

The Dakar would be quite a bit less interesting, without him, with regards to the cars, that's for sure.
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