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Originally Posted by taco250 View Post
I talked to a woman who had a Corbin on her 1988 RT 100 BMW. Her husband had one on his BMW as well. They both traveled extensively on their bikes and said the Corbin was an excellent upgrade over the factory BMW. I was going to get one for my KLX400 (green DRZ) but read too many reports where the seat pan Corbin used would not fit well on most DRZ's/KLX. I's like to hear from somebody who has one on their XRL.

I have had the Corbin on my bike since 2006. It took about 10,000 miles to fully break it in. Even brand new the seat made the bike more comfortable compared to the stock seat but it is very firm. I like that the seat moves you up on the tank. That is where you should be riding the bike while sitting, in the dirt. It is nice to move back on the wide part of the seat on those long pavement runs to get a break. I ordered the leather seat cover and have been very happy with that. I guess I must think it is OK since it is still on the bike, but I have never recommended it to anyone else.

If you are concerned about adding weight to your bike, this is not the seat for you. It is very heavy compared to stock. I believe that most would be unhappy with the Corbin made for the XR650L. I took my wife's bike to their shop and had a seat custom made. That is what they were noted for at one time. They made your seat while your ate a free lunch in the dinner and watched it being done through the window. If you did not like something they changed it on the spot..


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