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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
The Terra is made mostly in China, IMO, it won't hold up as well as the Sertao. But still, most folks would be able to get 50K out of either without troubles.
I disagree. Although nothing can really be proved definitively YET ... I feel that the Euro goes further in China and better quality will be the result. If the basic design is sound then with precise manufacture and top quality components it's a Win Win for BMW (and Husky) After all ... BMW make cars in China too.

What's been hurting BMW the last 10 years or so has been some dodgy Eastern European parts suppliers ... and some slip shod QA (quality assurance) in Berlin. Even former BMW designer David Robb admitted to this.

Originally Posted by Albie View Post
That being said, I doubt MY DR will get 50K miles without at least a top end. That kind of thing reflects just as much on the how the bike is ridden as much as what brand/model it is.
Based on some experience with the DR I feel it may not be the top end that will be in need of service. If the gear box lets go ... well

But I'm sure a fresh top end couldn't hurt if you tend to over rev and hold the bike at high RPM's for long periods. Mine's at 50K now ... still good compression, no oil use and good power!
Look after the oil, valve adjustments and filters and it may surprise you.
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