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Originally Posted by Piet93 View Post
Yea bigger sprockets is better, i get what your saying.
but i got the 14/44 set with the bike.

Got them on this weekend, and went for a test drive on some dirt/gravel roads. Must say its a lot better!
did not drive to much, becouse i have to safety it first

Comming from a 2008 rmz 250 the drz is a lot slower, but its a fun bike!
Afther i get it inspected i probely do the 3x3 mod, and hope it picks up a bit better.

Nobody has dirt comming in the airbox afther the 3x3 mod? becouse the original has a little rubber sticking out so the water/ dirt doesn't get in.
The water that gets in, will just drain out the bottom. With the larger opening, it is less likely to pull crap in due to the slower air velocity going through a 9 square inch hole, versus a 3.5 square inch hole... dirt will go in, but thats what the NoToil filter is for!

I would get a Holesaw, that is about 3.5" in diameter, then use an edge molding like they put on helmets, to finish it off.

3.14 x1.69x1.69 = 9 same as 3.3, but alot neater... Unfortunately, I figured this out after I did the 3 x3 and jetting, but mine works really well. Better than I thought it would.
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