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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
So I guess you don't realize that there is a huge amount of time to get all of the cars off the start line?? What happened was that a few cars got through the drainage and then due to thunderstorms flash floods made it impassable for everyone else. Do you want to give everyone except the few who able to cross before the flood a DNF and send them home??? Rallys commonly neutralize stages due to problems and everyone is given the same time. Oh wait....... they don't do that in Nascar do they???
So, no Racers who were stuck behind the rising water finished after the flood subsided?

( I am catching up after a weekend in the boonies)

Did the organizers stop all of the slower Racers at the waters edge to protect them or did the Racers take their chances and lose out by getting stuck? I could understand the ASO decision if the flash flood time penalty was the result of a decision to stop the Racers at the flood, but if the Racers were allowed to proceed and some succeeded then those that eventually succeeded should benefit from the effort.

It's happened before on the Baja 500 in 1990, and the Racers stuck behind the flood east of Valle De Trinidad were not "equalized" (just one more difference between Off-Road Racing and a Rally).

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