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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
690 doesn't cost anymore to maintain then a DR. Does cost more to begin with, but you do get a lot more for that money as well.
I had a new KTM 640 in 2002 and I don't see any difference in simple maintenance cost between that and my DR650's. I do all my own work but an oil change is the same the valves are super easy on both of them, changing tires is the same, reliability was the same- nothing broke on either of them. Sprockets and chain, air filters, even aftermarket springs are the same. Most of the concern for long time costs never occur for most riders as they sell the bike and buy another before anything breaks. I did have a 950 that I had to replace the water pump on but the greater problem was obtaining parts and not that the parts were so much more expensive. Even if they were say 20% more if it only happens once how do you ultimately know it costs more to own a KTM 950 than a Suzuki Vstrom which I did also own. Besides that ownership costs are spread out so far as to be meaningless since owning a motorcycle is in itself much more expensive than a car, even though the gas is usually cheaper. My wife and I both had DR650's for a few years and it cost me more for us to go on a bike trip than taking our car to the same trip. Two bikes at 50 mpg equals one car at 25 mpg not to mention tires and oil changes etc. The overall cost of riding and owning motorcycles is far greater than the minuscule difference in maintenance costs of owning a European bike over a bike from Japan.
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