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very nice tank !
excellent work !
got to hand it to you
hope you can pull it off and make it worth the effort !

one of the problems with producing any custom short run motorcycle parts for sale is that quality material costs are high and there is a LOT of time involved . Another possible problem is that with short run handcrafted items not patterned by a cad design and production molded may have what may be considered " cosmetic flaws " by customer expectations . 100's of hours can be afforded spent on pattern making , but small run production can take excesive time finishing out "flaws"

the mass production from china or other low labor cost areas and the availability of mass machine produced items in the motorcycle/automotive market has customer expectations almost unreasonable to make it worthwhile.
The margin of profit versus time involved in handcrafting certain items for motorcycles makes it a losing proposition for the craftsman in todays motorcycle parts market

other genres, for instance , the custom car or boat industry, aircraft, race car items are more forgiving in terms of retail pricing

In other words
IMHO motorcycle riders (me included ) are a bunch of cheep spoiled bastards, we want it cheep and we want it perfect
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