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I am doing a YZ fork swap. I was able to buy the forks for song from someone here in the Flea Market, and the local shop is excellent for suspension work. We talked numbers and he wants to order a custom spring rate, higher than is available for the YZ (not by much) and shorten the forks so that the bike sits better.

If you could have shortened your front forks, can you guess how many inches it would have been? 1"? 2"?

Also, let's say I have the newly rebuilt fork (seals were pissing oil in the package) and YZ front wheel and front brake-- I think all I need are bearings, correct? Can you tell me what bearings I need or a link to the thread which spells it out? I have read for hours and I know that the bearings are same size OD and different ID or vice versa, but I never saw something that said "Order bearing XXXX"

Aside from the ignition, what else is left to handle?

I'm ditching the BMW bars and I'll run straight MX bars with Cycra or Acerbis barkbusters. I don't have heated grips. a New Ohlins rear shock is on order as well.
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