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Stock head light questions

This a quote from the "Short way around the world"

Wondering if anyone has given this a try?

Headlight Ė Not riding at night is one of the golden rules of overland travel by motorcycle and I avoid it most of the time. There have been occasions though where Iíve been caught out and where I would really have benefitted from better lighting. However, as these times are few and far between I didnít want to spend any money on expensive additional/replacement lights. The solution (though Iíll have to wait to prove it) seems to have come simply and cheaply in the form of a simple relay circuit and a better bulb. The theory: The stock headlight circuit uses small gauge wire connected through the switch to supply the headlight. This modification uses the OEM wiring to switch one of two relays (1 High beam, 1 Low) which in turn connect the headlight direct to the battery via larger gauge wires and an inline fuse. This system reduces the voltage drop to 0.1v; a drop of 1.0v can equate to a 25% reduction in the headlights Ďoutput. I also added a Phillips X-Treme headlight bulb of the OEM rating 60/55w.
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