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I am all of those things...the BMW manual is worthless.

I love my bike overall= friendly
I am very mechanical, have a full shop here with bike lift, 6hp-60gal air comp, all air tools, quality wrenches screwdrivers, allen keys, torx, pullers, presses, slide name it, I have it or have access to one and use them all regularly= skills with tools
I have had my own VW shop back in the 80s where I built off road and Drag bugs and motors, I have built MANY cars and trucks from ground up including a Toyota truck that was stolen and stripped and the guy recovered a frame, an empty cab, and a few parts...I sourced the rest and built back as a 4wd Toyo truck, a 1949 Studebaker truck that I bought a year and a half ago for $500 from a field and gutted it, full new hand made wiring harness, all new fuel system, brakes, it on the road in 6 months and it is my daily driver. I used a motor from a 63 Stude Lark that was given to me as a good runner, but I recently spun a rod bearing, so I currently rebuilding that motor..even an antique long gone V8 motor with few parts sources and info available is not a mechanical issue for me= experience with mechanical things.
I may not be "conversant" with all of their terminology, but I always figure out what they are saying, I have had many KTMs and I think the same people write their manuals= reasonably conversant with their terminology and their bikes.

My issue is when I know I am going to work on some particular area or XXX part of the bike I look at the manual to see the process and I have literally gone to the page that says removing and reinstalling XXX and the direct has said "remove dual seat, remove fairings, remove XXX, reverse process to re-install"

I wish I could cut and paste some of these pages...totally worthless.
I do realize that you need to flip around any manual to get to the end result, IE look at the removing the seat, removing the fairings....pages to get at the motor lets say, but this manual is all but worthless for anything other than torque specs and a few tid bits of info. I hate it.
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