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Originally Posted by Dracus124 View Post
Whats the effect? more engine noise??
Originally Posted by brucifer
Hey GM. For what it's worth, my machinest guy who knows these (RFVC) engines very well has always said the stock Honda clearance was too tight. I think mainly because of oiling issues but also .002 doesn't allow much for thermal expansion. And we all know these bikes have their fair share of both.
It might be noisier but I couldn't tell. My thinking is the same as Bruce. Honda must have changed the clearance specs after real world testing on the early RFVC

Originally Posted by Edouard_Bracame
A clearance of 0.1mm at the intake and 0.12 at the exhaust is OK
Right, but I was wondering if its better for longevity with the larger clearances.

0.1/0.12mm are the metric versions of .004/.005in for those of us in the US.

I can't think of a single reason not to use the newer XRL specs, but I was looking for feedback from someone who thought differently.
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