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where are the pedals?
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Oh yeah, back to riding dirt bikes in Baja!

First little warm up ride out of Loreto.

Please note the new-larger-upgraded fuel cells that I picked up for this trip.

Pretty cool scenery.

San Javier mission.

This is a picture for those of you who prefer to spend your vacation dollars on the "safe" side of the border. See the dangerous drug cartel butterfly about to attack this poor defenseless little girl.

Apparently the last hurricane made some of the bridges a bit more fun for us adventure types.

This next picture shows the great sign-language system that Rollergirl and I have developed for riding. This is the sign for "I have almost had enough for today, Honey!"

I wasn't sure what the problem was, the road ahead was just starting to look good.

"OK baby, we can race back to Loreto!"

With all the tourists here for the Christmas holidays, it was hard to find a place, amongst the crowds, to sit down and eat a few post-ride tacos.

where does that road go?
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