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Originally Posted by LandsVW View Post
So, I have a line on another basket case near me: 1984 XR500 (what I was told). Where does that bike fit in to the lineup of my 86 XR600, and the parts left from my XL600? Which one is it most similar to? What big ticket items would interchange and/or is it worth getting?
I ride the 83 and 84 XR5s.

They are most similar to the dual carb XR6. However, there is a bit less parts interchange than I thought when I bought my first XR5.

Things that are different off the top of my head:

steel swingarm
steel kick lever
different rear frame sections
larger muffler
different left case half, left side of crank, stator cover, connecting rod is unique to the XR5
smaller bore (obviously) and a head with smaller combustion chamber. (valves/cam are the same).
other small changes for oiling (see XR600 top end questions thread)
larger carb insulator plate port holes
fuel tank (over 3 gallons) and seat are different

The wheels should swap easily

Not sure you want the XR5 to use as spares on the XR6. How good of a deal are gonna get for the basket?

I've always thought that the XR5 engine in a 85-87 XR6 frame would make the lightest big bore RFVC
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