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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
If they're smart enough to put together a segment of previous action that amplifies/highlights some issue that is happening in the current race, more power to them. It's not like there is action happening every second of the race such that they can't miss 15 secs of it live. Beside which, their track record of catching the on-track action live is so abysmal anyway, I'm not sure it matters much. If something happens during that 15-secs, they'll show it in replay which is how we get most of the important stuff regardless.

- Mark

I really have to disagree with almost all of this. You have a race where the leader is barely matching the lap times of several guys behind him, and slowing a little each lap while the chasers are running faster all the time and 4 guys on the same straight in the last several laps of the race with Reed somewhere close but they never showed him. And Dungy trying to come through the pack and not doing so good at that.
A lot different than the last ten years or so.

A lot going on and coming to the end of the race and what do they do, start showing Villipoto crashing in years past. And not just a short clip, it went on for at least half a lap. If that isn't bad enough it was a rehash of clips they had been showing between races for the previous 3 hours.

If you go to one of those races there is a lot going on all the time all over the place, you can see the whole track all the time, it's really hard to keep track of what's going on.

But no worry, next Saturday we get nothing until Sunday afternoon and then it will just be some clips.

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