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Originally Posted by AviatorTroy View Post
The problem I've found is I had a bunch of different sets of every tool imaginable, and when I got my Beemer I quickly realized that almost nothing I had fit anything on the bike. What is up with those krauts? For example, 3 of the 4 fasteners that hold the skid plate on are different, and they are those weird male Torx head bolts that no one has in their toolbox (until they start working on bmws)
Torx fasteners are quite advantageous, especially during manufacture. They do not cam-out as easily, especially with a mis-aligned power driver, and allow a higher, controlled torque to be applied with great precision. Most modern vehicles (cars and bikes) use them.

I do understand your pain, having to progress over the years from cheesy Philips-head fasteners through hex, to torx. But, any machinery is designed for the most efficient, least time-consuming assembly in factory. I have yet to see a rider/driver who says: I'll gladly pay $2000 extra for a machine that fits my toolbox. Yeah, right...

Having the right set of tools for your vehicle is both a requirement and a part of your wrenching experience. Especially since you can buy a set of torx and reverse-torx sockets for about $10 (I just got a spare kit for less than that).

By the way, I don't know if you realize that, but "kraut" is highly offensive. It was acceptable during WW-II national sentiments, not anymore. If you hate Germans so much, why are you on a BMW?
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