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Day 1 San Felipe to Bay of LA

Our first stop of the day was at Puertecitos for gas and Baron was already zip tying the side covers on the IT

Next break was at Gonzaga Bay for lunch at Alphonsina's and some gas

Baron measuring and dumping the oil into the 2-stroke

We continued on towards Coco's however Coco was not there. We did stop for some coke's to take a break and met Florian from Canada. We would meet up with Florian a few more times throughout our trip.

When Baron showed up we asked why his bag was all scuffed up. Apparently he had been jumping the bike and his luggage got caught in the wheel

After Coco's we continued on to Mex 1 then took the turnoff to BOLA. About 10 miles out of BOLA the IT ran out of gas...Then Baron realized he lost the idle screw which caused the fuel mileage to drop. After some time of figuering out what to do he stuck an earplug in the hole and it worked like a charm. He ran it that way the rest of the trip as he wasn't ever able to find a screw that would work. Nevertheless we made it to BOLA just after dark and stayed at Costa del Sol.

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