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Originally Posted by MCMXCIVRS View Post
I'm considering replacing my Wunderlich bag also, but for different reasons. I don't find any interference when standing, but the overall size of it is just much larger than I want or need. I don't like the way it jams the bars at full turns.
I remember this being a complaint about the Wunderlich even when it first came out. For whatever reason I never had issues with it. Wunderlich even made a horn guard (eat your heart out, Touratech) to "fix" the problem. I've accidently hit the horn like twice in the last 3 years I've owned the bike, and not for lack of using my steering stops.

And don't get me wrong, it's a great bag. For "road" trips, I'd probably still use it even if I owned something else. It is only annoying in offroad situations where I can't get my weight far enough forward for balance without bending awkwardly at the waist.

Originally Posted by toowheels View Post
This is what Motorcycle Tripper fit in the Fandango in "camera lingo" to give you a reference:
- 1 large scale SLR Camera (Cannon 30D)
- 1 pocket camera
- 1 wide angle lens
- 1 Telephoto lens (70-200 2.5 ISM)
- 1 Sony HD video camera
- 1 fleece sweater
- 1 lens cleaning kit
- 70 business cards
- 4 Spare Camera batteries
- Map
- 1 smartphone
- 2 AA batteries
That's probably more than I want to stuff in it! I think I may be sold.

Edit: and that picture is freaky because that is my exact setup (except the tank bag, obviously), just in different colors. Same jacket, too.
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