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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Funny I was just talking about that with some other guys, supposedly there was one guy in a class 9 car that hydroplaned across it, everyone else was piled up behind the water. It was said that Score adjusted the times of those stuck.

There was a Mini-Mag followed by a Class 8 truck that tried crossing as the water was rising, and the drivers were pulled the last half of the way across by a long chain of straps from the west side. Water was washing over the helmet of the Mini-Mag driver & buggy as it was crabbing sideways in the current before some spectators could get a strap attached. A Class 7 Ranger tried to jump the river about 50 meters southwest of the road and ended up getting pulled off the west bank by about 100 locals and spectators. These were the last vehicles to try crossing until the water level dropped.

As the water dropped a few chase vehicles plowed through followed by a few Class 8 trucks, and then racers on straps began crossing with the pulling help of the taller race trucks and chase vehicles.

I was behind the Semi & Trailer at the edge of the rising water on the west side. When the Semi driver stopped with about 100 meters to go before the wash I got out to see why, and it was raining so hard I could not see the wash. The driver opened his window enough to tell me in Spanish that it was foolish to go around and across the wash. Before our conversation was over the water was at his front tires.

The sky was nearly clear with no trace of rain potential before the water level started dropping.

I wonder why a flash flood delay is treated different than an impassable vehicle stack-up on the hills climbing out of narrow canyons or the narrow cliff-side roads leading to Mike's?

Did anyone who got stuck at the Dakar behind the rising water continue on to finish the stage?
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