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Originally Posted by Dismount View Post
I'm pretty sure nobody pays the least attention to car alarms.
This. Hip attention seekers are advised to simply turn on fog lights all the time (to let everyone know that this car or a truck has fog lights and they're just as bright and pointed in exactly the same direction as headlights, bonus points for extra brightness or blue color), continually talk on the phone while swerving into the adjacent lane (which lets everyone see that I'm on the phone, because if I can't pretend to be an important big-shot in the car, then why even have a cell phone at all?), or install subwoofers pointing out of the car instead of into the car, thereby gaining the desired attention of those who might not have noticed. Any of these can be just as obnoxious as chirping the car alarm upon exit, an exercise which serves mainly to inform bystanders that the car owner also has a car alarm. How special!

Seriously, tho, you know what would be special? A car alarm with a false alarm rate below 95%.
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