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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Good to hear you're hanging in for a Seaworthy and inexpensive boat. May the warm trade winds blow good fortune your way.

I'm thinking about getting to Colombia too ... but from Galveston, Tx. Have you heard of any cheap transport from Texas? I could go Sea freight or Air ... but I imagine by ship would be cheaper.

I've seen Central America ... so thinking of riding to Galveston, then shipping from there. Also looking into going into Venezuela .... no info yet. I know quite a lot of shipping traffic going back and forth. Any low dollar ideas?

Cheers ... Rubber Side Down!
Hi Adv Grifter,

I noticed that rtwpaul is flying his bike back from Colombia to Miami for 900 bucks. That's the same price I would have paid yesterday to fly my bike from Panama to Colombia if Girag hadn't been booked for two weeks.

I have no idea on Texas to Colombia or Venezuela prices. Sorry. If I find out anything I will sure let you know. I'll keep my ears open.

You learn a lot about these things from other travelers on the road. It's never as easy as it sounds on the internet.

As a sidenote, I was talking with two videographers who came up the Pacific side in launchas from Colombia to Panama last week and just arrived on the bus over here. Not much boat traffic over on the Pacific side. It sounded like a wild ride. If I bring my bike back north, that is the route I will take.

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