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Originally Posted by nomad5326 View Post
Bobby, you may have missed it. To kep original OEM geometry 1" is all you need to go unless you keep the YAM height and respring/raise your rear 1". Most of us left full YAM height and resprung the rear to get full suspension travel. I still use my OEM Dakar fender and just upped the fluids to 10W

Missed it? I read for hours trying find actual numbers for length and couldn't find much but a lot of anecdotal talk about what seemed to work and not work.

The springs have been ordered and a new Ohlins shock with proper spring rate and valving for weight. I haven't made any adjustments in rear spring height to account for height of the new forks, just proper sag.

If 2" is short I'll have it brought to 1". Not the end of the world. But you can believe I'll have it all together this way and let you know the results. of a Ohlins shock sprung properly and forks shortened 2" sprung properly. If the bike feels divey or twitchy or the geometry is all wonky I'll put the fork back up an inch. My suspension shop is more than willing to tinker about and so am I.
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