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Originally Posted by icebergstu View Post
Not a good idea mate.

1 - it will vibrate the crap out of your navman and fk it up
2 - it wont have a decent clamp system so again it will be sht
3 - with the sun shining you wont be able to see the crap screen and with your eyesight...
4 - if you find some cool roads and spots you wont be able to mark or waypoint them and with your memory...
5 - it wont tell you when a good time to go fishing is
6 - it wont mark your track so you have to remember where you have been and with your memory...

There are a million good reasons not to cut corners and get the cheapest option.

DEMONSURA - Montana has heaps of features Oregen doesnt for instance PROFILES and many more.

600 650 or 650t are the ducks nuts mate and made for ADV riding.

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