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Originally Posted by GaMtnRider View Post
In what so far appears to be a futile attempt to get my XT350 suspension up to snuff, I have installed a 600lb spring on the rear shock, and the progressive springs in the front fork.

However firmer, the rear still seems to be ridiculously under-dampened and bouncy.
Changing the rear tire last night, I noticed damage to the shock shaft that was not there when I installed the spring in November.

I'm thinking this is not good.

Is there any option other than buying a used replacement shock that may or may not be any good?
The chroming on the rod has obviously failed but can be rebuilt. There's a company in Australia - RAD Shocky Repairs that routinely deals with rechroming etc - maybe you can find someone closer.

Discussion's I've had recently with Terry Hay in Sydney suggest a 20% - 25% increase in spring rate, front and rear for my fat arse. Call the standard bike 130kg with 55kg rider and you'd be close to the money apparently. The plan is to run ~ 15W fork oil for the front and crank up the damping on the recently rebuilt rear shock. (RAD Shocky Repairs)
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