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I'm fired right up about my R80GS

Hello everyone,
I'm not a frequent poster but I think I can feel it coming on. Right now I have just read this thread grinning from ear to ear. Its a great deal to take in at once, but here's the thing, ages ago I bought a R80GS off an old bloke who had not maintained it at all well, although mercifully it was ( and remains ) dead stock.
Over the last couple of years I've done a little to it, removed the colony of spiders inside the headlamp assembly for one!
I lost my marbles a month or so ago and shipped it to a bloke in Tassie, but he had some issues and the deal didn't go through, and I reckon I dodged a bullet.
Im getting the bike shipped back and I'm not going to do that again! Silly me!
I'd like to upgrade the starter to the nippon denso unit for a start (recently she had new rings, cam chain, bits and pieces , but I know the starter is cranky ( so did the guy who was going to buy it!) so could someone please post info ie part number and where to get one for that nipondenso starter.
Im dreamin R80GS again

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