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morning all... tough few days with lots of disappointment, missed waypoints, broken bikes, injuries and wasted time.... and that's just me!! was hoping to catch up on the rest day but delays and the necessities of trying to find a new job got in the way... day off yesterday so another chance to catch up after quickly making my bike ready for mot. only to find the missus had tidied away my keys! turned the house upside down trying to find them, texted and rang her, no answer... mucho frustrato! then i had work to do on the house... so to summarise, i'm still behind!! and she doesn't know where she put my damn keys!

but i'm almost there and i think i've got the most important bits:

- marathon stage was actually a marathon stage
- lucky cyril does have friends with engines and manages to swap in true alien style in 30 minutes with the help of his sonic screwdriver
- horrible noob mistake screws a lot of people on the soggy short second marathon
- cyril doesn't trust anyone and double checks so doesn't get caught out as much
- our lyndon decides he doesn't like getting his feet wet so gets out of the river, pulling some alien navigation skills to come in 9th!!
- bikes result stand
- cars get very soggy and times very messed up
-brodovitch still at the top of f5
- senegal gets all ASO on the ASO
- no one hates cyril anymore, but plenty still hate his bandana
- laia wears a bandana
- no one hates the bandana anymore
- CDP treats everyone to some fine riding on SS9
- pain doesn't
- casteu tries to make a hamburger and is out
- so is nasher all-at-ya?
- ss9 is looong and tough
- lyndon loves riding at the front

did i miss anything??

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