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It is good to have a vision, my bike seems to evolve by happenstance mostly.

I love the stock tank shape and looks, but it is so limited in capacity I have opted for the ugly big one. I have learned to take the ugly comments in stride. They do lessen somewhat when my XL eats their XRL for lunch in performance. Luckily I don't normally ride with people that have extraordinary machines.

Does your taillight have a two filiment fixture? No problem if not, you can simulate two filiments with a resistor trick. I have used that method before

I agree with the super trapp. I have alternated back and forth in the past, but now my stock exhaust is permanently relegated to duty on the weight lifting bench where it belongs.

Racks are very handy. I wish I had the fabricating skills to cutom build one out of exotic materials. I built one with a chainsaw mount out of common iron, it worked but it was kinda ugly too. I later took the easy way out and bought one that looks better.

When I first looked at the picture, the wheels really stood out. I was wondering how you were going to accomplish that. Actually still am wondering. Looks like a lot of work with wheel lacing involved to me.

A different fairing will change the look for sure. Again fabrication skills needed.

As far as engine color goes, I am one of those crazies that really likes the red engine. ( I know, there is one in every crowd)

I have pondered pipe wrapping too, but I am lazy and it would probably elicit even more psyche damaging ugliness comments from my wife.

Keep up the work and inspire us to do something too.
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