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I think everyone on this thead feels the same way.
A lot of it is ego I think, although lots of power can be fun when you can use it.

There are plenty of really heavy bikes riding in the dirt on this site, loaded with cargo.
I am amazed when someone does not break a bone on a trip, its so easy to do in the dirt.

On the street, people seem to think they need huge motors, otherwise they might have to downshift to pass or go up a hill, and that just won't do.
So they ride a 600 pound bike that gets 40 mpg and costs more then most cars.
They have CB's, audio systems, abs, traction control, heated grips, power windshields, cup holders, cruise control, a trunk, gps, and who knows what else.

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Glad I found this thread, I am sick to death of people on bike forums saying you need a fully blown super gzrxywsa widowmaker to do any riding outside the town limits, I have a suzuki gn250 that i have set up for travelling & have done thousands of miles on it with no problems, it just comes down to riding the bike to the conditions, Will post some pics later
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