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Originally Posted by dentvet View Post
Lets see your cr! The light weight had me interested in one but found that the hig revs required cancelled out the two stroke stealth factor needed around here.

That CRE125 you posted sent me on a wild goose chase when you stated it was a honda motor with electric start. It must be a rotax instead like whats used in the 125cc aprilia models.
You are correct that the CRE125 doesn't use the Honda CR125 motor; and is probably the Rotax found on the Aprilia RX125.

The 1997 CR125 with a FMF Turbine Silencer tested quieter (87.1 dB) than my GasGas EC300 with an FMF Q-Stealth silencer. Here's the sound check results from CA OHV sound tests. The 4-strokes are much louder.

The 125 is a blast to ride... it's a 'mini' that demands you ride WFO! and maintain momentum; but sucks on hills and deep mud.

As far as lighweight bikes are concerned. We prefer our trials bikes when it gets really gnarly.

Originally Posted by tjanson View Post
So when are you going to fill us on on your mods?

A 94 CR125 just popped up locally for $600....tempting.
Mods? We did not want to go nuts with mods like most Magazine 'Budget Builds' that raise the project cost from $500 to a ridiculous $6149; here's a link to the article: Motorcycle USA CR125 Craigslist Killer Project and a comparison against a 2011 YZ125:

We took the opposite approach - Keep it simple (K.I.S.S.) and not go overboard. This is Project Low Bucks! : We held a yard sale, sold a bunch of spare parts, useless farkles, and used riding gear on CraigsList to raise the funds to purchase this 1997 CR125R also listed on Craigslist. We've kept the project budget under $1000 before the first 50-hrs. top-end rebuild.

We didn't want to be wrenching - we had to go riding!

I've looked at DSing a KX100 - they are only 157 lb (rivaling a trials bike!) but they don't have full size wheels (19/16)
We owned a CR85 'Big Wheel' and attempted a conversion: The chassis dimensions are too small for an adult; although ~150 lbs. ; resulted in top-heavy handling with an adult rider, and suffered from instability from a too short wheelbase. Despite the almost equivalent weight, the CR85 felt much heavier than our GasGas 200Pro because of steering geometries, and where the weight is carried. This CR125R feels much easier to ride than the CR85R.

We discovered that a proper Trials bike with additional fuel range is much more capable; in fact, as the Europeans know, a Trials bike is superior to any other bike in very tight and gnarly tracks. Trials bikes regularly outperformed MX based 250cc 2-st/450cc 4-st in Endurocross and were banned after the 2007 season.

Lessons Learned: When we want to attempt to show up our fellow riders in gnarly terrain and hill climbs; we ride our Trials bikes over our GasGAS EC300, KTM200EXC, or this CR125R. Side note: I still keep a Husqvarna TE450 as a 'desert sled' but prefer a KTM450EXC (RFS) I previously owned; or better yet a Husaberg FE470E which I should have kept; BUT I would never consider taking any of these thumpers into gnarly terrain when I have the lighter 2-strokes.

Here are a few videos that are quite revealing:

Ivan Cervantes vs. Toni Bou and Pol Tarres:

Off-road on Trials Bikes:
The KTM200 can't keep up.

Hill Climbs on a Trial Bike:

Freeride on Trials bikes:

A KTM Freeride 350 is overweight in comparison
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