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In my experience, three groups of people participate in motorsports:

A) those that are good enough to get others to pay for it (who usually came from one of the two groups below). <1%
B) those with nothing to lose because they can easily afford it. ~70%
C) those with nothing to lose because they can't afford it at all. ~29%

All of us in the middle who could maaaaaybe afford it end up doing something else more financially reasonable.

The dakar seems to be even more of a sport of leisure men than other forms of racing. I suspect a lot of the big endurance off road events are like this. There isnt enough tv coverage to support sponsorship for enough of the teams.

Even Robbie Gordon's effort is sponsored by his own energy drink company. And what about that guy Chicherit? He's a former pro skier who took up off-road racing? He's obviously very talented, but I wouldn't be surprised if he falls into category B above.

I think its great to hear the straight talk from Moto Benny. We can all dream and in the mean time, there are tons of other ways for us to race motorcycles on all kinds of budgets.

Im really curious about these other rallys mentioned and what the differences are, etc. Im surprised they are so affordable compared to the baja 1k, etc.
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