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Cyril's blog, on yesterday;

Today was a hard 12 hours on the bike and Iím the lucky one because some of the other bikers will have an even longer day than me. It was a tough, tough day but I have been expecting it for six months now. I trained for the race knowing that there could be a day that comes when I really have to push.

I know this piste here in Cordoba from watching WRC races on television and I had the feeling it would be a track I would enjoy. Today I wanted not just to push but also to enjoy the day. Finishing the day with a stage victory is nice way to end a good day at the Dakar.

When you love your job like I do and things are going well for you then days like this are really special. What makes todayís result satisfying for me is that I didnít win the stage by riding crazy and asking too much of the bike. I was sensible with my bike and I always felt I had another 10% in me to push even harder if needed.

On a twisty WRC track like we had today you need two things, a tough bike and strong legs. I was pushing hard on the footrest on every corner and there were hundreds of corners on the stage.

I have to thank my trainer who is from Argentina for helping to get me in shape to meet the challenges on todayís stage. Michelin also played their part in this stage win because I was asking my tyres some tough questions on the stage.

I also have my wings from Red Bull and the great tips I have picked up from going to their Diagnostics and Training Centre. Iíve been going to the Red Bull DTC in Austria for over two years now. During my sessions there it was decided that after a long day like today on motorbike I should warm down for 20 minutes on a fitness bike. People were looking at me like I was crazy when I started pedalling as soon as I got back to bivouac after 12 hours of riding a motorbike!

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