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In my book, you guys were the real bikers.
Its easy to ride a great bike with plenty of everything, but not so easy to ride a small, or old bike far or even not so far sometimes.

QUOTE=CMS;20489135]Back a century ago my friend and and I rode to the Oregonia, Oh. to the Hill Climbs. This event takes place in Oct. every year and normally desides the Hill Climing Champion for the season. Its still a big event in a small Ohio Village to this day. We rode in on 100cc Zundaps,into a field of Harleys and other real bikes, the looks and the laughs were as you can imagine, but at the time [14 years old] we were at our max level of cool. We were real bikers [only in our minds] but it didn't matter to us, we had a great time. I thought about that very first bike trip as we [same friend] rode in to the Hill Climb this year, on real bikes, both of us on GZ 250s. CMS [/QUOTE]
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