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I just purchased and installed a Power Commander V on my 2011 F800GS. I Should wrap up the install tonight. The instructions were made using an older 2009? model. They tell you to unplug the O2 sensor and show its location being behind the rectifier on the right side of your bike. I removed mine and there was no plug there. After tracing the wire from the O2 sensor and cutting a few tie wraps and wishing I had hands the size of a 4 yr old, my O2 sensor plug is behind the fuel canister and between the rear shock and back of the engine. I was considering just cutting the wires at the O2 sensor, but I think I will just take the time and try to get to the actuall plug and unplug it and tape it up.

This afternoon.....
I was able to get to dislocate the plug from the frame mounting point using a long flat blade screw driver and some long needle nose pliers Once I got it freed I was able to pull it to the outside of the frame and get my hands on it to unplug it. I ended up taping up both sides of the separated plug and tie wrapping it all back up out of the way.

The outcome......
Usually when I crank the bike cold it blubbers and stumbles sometimes stalling until warm. With the PC-V, cranking the bike in 39 deg F temps it idled smooth as butter straight out the gate. The twitchiness of the throttle is gone and the transition thru the gears is a lot smoother than before. This bike has 88XX miles on it and I purchased it with 13 miles. I can tell the difference. My anticipated goal was not looking for performance gains, but rather looking for this bike to mellow out and be smoother. I can say that by installing the PC-V, I have retained the results I was looking for, but I can also say that I was lifting the front tire in 2nd gear while making turns thru my neighborhood and that didn't happen before. It's just a sweet spot and the bike is pulling more than previously thru the lower gears and higher RPM's and lifting the front. It was definitely a surprise to me and not what I was expecting.

At the moment I am very satisfied. This weekend I will be going for a ride and getting a better feel of the results.

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