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Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post
So here is what i was thinking for gas on night 2....If this will not work we will need to go into Hanksville prior to the swell.

On day two from Hite to the camping spot it will be about +- 110 miles. Then on day 3 to green river it will be about 75 miles to gas. Based on this I did not feel the bikes would be on empty at the end of day 2 and the plan was to bring several 5 gallon gas containers and put about 2 gallons in each bike. My thinking is this would be plenty to get into green river because non of the bikes should be on empty to start with (if they are you will still be in beef basin anyway, LOL).

We have tons of 5 gallon gas cans so it is not a problem for us to bring them to the swell.

I feel we will be fine, but if people see an issue we can do a blast into Hanksville, and back up through factory Buttes, but it will add at least another 2 hours to a long day??
Ben - I can certainly bring the 5 gal. containers we use when we go to Powell, that's not a problem. That'll give you about 40 gallons when you arrive at the Swell. I can get a couple more containers if needed.

But from reading through the threads it sounds like 40 gallons should be plenty. I'm certainly not going to need any for the riding I plan on doing Friday after we get down there. The question for me will be whether or not I do a portion of the ride with you guys Sunday morning. That's up for further discussion.

I plan on going into Hanksville earlier Saturday so I can ice up the beer real good and have it nice and cold when you all arrive. I'll fill the gas containers up then as well, just like we do when we go to Powell. That way, everyone can fill up their tanks Saturday night after they arrive at the Swell. If anyone feels as though they need more gas, I can run back into Hanksville after we get done eating and get more gas. Not a big deal.

I don't think anyone will have to worry about gas as long as they can make it to the Swell on day 2. We'll make sure you get the gas you need.
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