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got a quick question for you lot, is it possible to start these bikes without the instruments connected? Long story that i'll tell you in time, it's funny as hell too
Well, now is the time for that story, i have time to kill in this Russian hotel so why not Yes the bike will start without the instruments It will also start after 12 days underwater if you remove all of the water from the oil and the fuel tanks, that i did not expect

Rode the bike to work one Monday morning and got caught up in a flood, i ended up swimming in full bike gear, defiantly not an experience i would recommend to anyone, I'm pretty lucky to have got out of that one

The bike on the other hand did a rather grand impression of a German u boat and spend 12 days sat at the bottom of a ditch covered in water and debris from the flood i swear i heard it shout 'dive, dive, dive' as it went down the road was impassible for 6 days afterwards to give you some idea of the amount of water involved, there was lots and lots of ice cold water

We eventually found and pulled it out, took it home and set about draining the oil, i say oil but what i actually means is brown water Refilled it with oil turned it over by hand a few times and let it sit for a bit. After a couple of days drying the other half's father came round with a tin of 'start ya bastard' a set of jump leads and a car battery It did what it said on the tin The bloody thing fired up, on the button after 12 days underwater, could not believe it

Next job was draining the water / fuel from the tank and filling up with fuel, did that and it started on the button again idled at about 2 - 3 k tho, don't know exactly as the clocks didn't really enjoy their prolonged bath guessing a couple of sensors didn't like the bath either.

It was about this time that the insurance rang and said due to the amount of time underwater the bike would have to be written off, not just written off tho, oh no. I did a proper job on the bike. Cat A write off = has to be crushed

A real shame to loose the dak after putting so much effort into getting it just the way i wanted

Ah well, i will be buying another 650 single, well 660 cc single in the form of a Yamaha mt-03, ought to be fun i think

A word to the wise, the 650 Dakar was the best bike i have ever owned, it's got me through some horrendous stuff, never let me down no matter what and started first time every time, even after 12 days under water.

That should be the bmw marketing campaign if they ever make them again, I'd buy one

Anyone who sells a 650 bmw is completely mad in my opinion.
"Mad Science" means never stopping to ask "what's the worst thing that could happen?
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