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I'd put you in the top five Aaron. I wouldn't rule out Bruno Tome, Sarah Roth, David Jansen, Ken Anderson, Tom Jarret Jason Adams or Dan Curran from the list of possible top ten. I like my odds for top ten this year too though so I'm not rooting for them.

It's gonna be a close one I bet. Places 5-10 could be within 2:00 of each other at the end of the day.

I'll have to wait until I'm done with work today to put my full prediction together.

Is there a rule against using ADV to set up wagers?

P.S. - I'm in for the tent city camping. Any idea if we can do campfires over there?

Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Turn has been pretty bad the last few events, It's nice to see a resurgence in entries!

Predictions for this years SB....

1) Mike Gilkey
2) Bill Conger
3) Kurt Weigand
4) Luis Fig
5) Bobby Wooldridge
6) Scott Dorrer
7)Jack OConnor
8) Jim Roth
9) Braden Childers

I see a huge race between the folks in the 4th-9th position, expect some close stage times if everyone stays out of the woods and bikes keep running. If the conditions are dry, HP should be huge but if it's wet again, the little bikes should rain (pun intended) I don't think the conditions will effect Mike at all, unless we get an Earthquake or Hurricane.

10) David Jansen- Trasalp Dave goes like hell but tends to have a problem along the way. Will this be Dave's year? I hope so, He deserves a break.

Looks like a lot of new people this year, which one will be the ringer that will shock everyone? It's happened before!

No offense to anyone, just having some fun and taking a few educated guesses
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