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Thanx for the replys.
I think I have decent social skills. I do talk to my dealer, but I try not to go there unless I have to.

I am 99% sure that the manual I have is a PDF version of the factory paper binder manual that the dealer would use back in the 1990s. It is published by BMW motorcycle, After Sales Ux-Vs-2. It is Trademarked and copy right protected and will not allow me to copy and paste at all. I can print a page which is what I do when I am in the shop, but it is, as stated by myself and others, generally a spec book and not a "manual".

The Pdf is 23,029 Kb and is 464 pages of info. I believe it is the whole enchilada...

I am overstating that it is "useless", but it IS a stretch to call it a manual. I have not been through BMW motorcycle service Tech school, maybe that is the problem.

I am comfortable with my project and that I can accomplish it, with or without a better manual.

Def, I think we are more alike than you think....I am usually a jump in with both feet, manual be damned kinda guy. But being on my second major neck suregery in 2 years, I have alot of couch time. That gives me alot of time to read and search and ask questions...much more than I normally would.

So I guess the point I should be making is that I appreciate the help here and on BMWsporttouring forums.
I just see it alot when someone asks a question, someone ALWAYS seems to chime in with "buy a manual" answers...that willnot help if they buy this in many circumstances....asking here offers much better help and input. Even videos and pics of what to look for and what to do...

So to change focus...thanks for the past...and future help..
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