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Originally Posted by operaflute View Post
I saw this in the paper, too, and found myself thinking that the temporary closure of these areas must have made for a lot of angry gun enthusisasts.
It's a good reminder that the actions of a few can spoil it for the many, regardless of what the area of interest is.
Ya, unfortunately it isn't just a few. I have seen many many folks up there shooting all kinds of crap and not picking it up. Even if you didn't bring it up there, you should pack out the stuff someone else brought in just to make it better than when you arrived. Brass doesn't really bother me because there is value in that and SOMEONE will retrieve it at some point. Shot up TV's, Refrigs, etc. No one is going to mess with that. With that said...I do love to shoot and hate to see any place closed to shooting. I also believe that was a fairly safe place to do it if everyone obeys range etiquette.
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