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I remembered I had an old friend that used to have a 1982 YZ490 some years ago. So he comes over and takes a look at it, and messes with it and gets the gears lined up but now the selector star does not meet the end of the thing on the shifter shaft that turns it (selector star doesn't stick out far enough now).

He did say that it looks like every gear is brand new and I agree. There is no wear, no gouges, no pits nothing. It looks like the guy that had it before me put in entirely new transmission internals.

So I ask him what happened to his 1982 Yamaha YZ490? He says he split the cases and couldn't get it back together so he took it to the dump. I wish he would of told me that before I let him start messing around with my Transmission.

He thinks I should take it to the shop. I know most will agree.Yet...I am going to try to locate my Manual or purchase another one and try to do it all on my own.

I just want to be riding.
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