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Originally Posted by marchyman View Post
How often do you think a drop damages a cylinder? Valve covers and sometimes heads get damaged in a drop. Cylinders not so much. Oh, it can happen. It's just not something that I'd worry about. If the cylinder is damaged I'd be more worried about the state of my leg than how much it will cost to repair the bike.

As for rebuilds... who rebuilds oilheads/hexheads?

Well ... in my misspent youth (late 70's) a friend and I went to look at a BMW and he noticed that there were signs of exhaust gases at the base of one of the cylinders. Turned out that it had been dropped and the bolts holding the cylinder on were bent.

Today, of course, we all use crash bars.

And I did have an oilhead engine rebuild into a short block after someone backed into my bike while it was sitting on the center stand. A year later the block developed a crack where the center stand was mounted to the engine case - a fairly common piece of damage under similar circumstances.
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