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Originally Posted by Entrepre-neer View Post
Six times. That's all of them right? I trust your knowledge of this venue and all the associated factors. .

I appreciate your modesty. Running for fun does not equal taking it easy from what I've seen. I look forward to seeing your micro-squirted MX1K rig.

Also, I'd like to reserve the heavy hitter monicker until I have 6 seasons under my belt. I still have to go to the new racer orientation after all
No false modesty here, I know what fast is...I've seen it and it's not me
Honestly, hanging out at the campground, joking around and cooking with Cuz Jim is the high point. Add the Huddle house, Brushy mtn, the Mexican joint and the racing as a bonus.

I hope to be at RWV this year and BRS, haven't done BRS for a few years now.
Just say'IN
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