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Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
from what I heard on the 480k bmw....

sold to a collector with a small museum near soladas? california.

guy made his $ as an inventor.

anyhow, it didnt meet the reserve during auction for 400k. (I bid it up to 390k, but wasnt going any higher )

bonhams has it listed as sold for 480. so Im sure they got their fees, maybe not the rediculous 18% or whatever it was, but they got something. even at 10% from each end, thats 80k, a very healthy payday.

the buyer probably wont even ride it.
Probably you mean Virgil Elings who owns is who you are talking about. Yes he is an inventor. Real gear head when it comes to motorycles. Nice guy. EXTREMELY BRIGHT. His collection is well worth viewing.
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