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Originally Posted by TNC View Post
Be careful about bringing a different bike. I've been a real oddball at some of their get-togethers with my KLX300S, and they made me camp outside of a 100 yard perimeter. Snobs!!!

The MN crew treated me pretty well when I crashed the C of the C ride a few years ago.
A CO boy on a Honda working in Texas at the time. I defiantly had to earn their respect though.
Chasing RF up the Box with all that dust, I felt I was in the Dakar The next day I gave up a tube so we could continue helped my case as well. It's been since then we rode together, hence signing up for this with them.
I need some more NM camaraderie.

Originally Posted by GJ650Rider View Post
I don't think anyone will have to worry about gas as long as they can make it to the Swell on day 2. We'll make sure you get the gas you need.
Sounds like this is handled. Thank you all. If you think we need some more fuel cans let me know, I have all kinds I can supply for the cause, I will just need to bring them up to you in Denver or wherever before the ride.
And a cold beer after all day in the saddle does sound great! I can taste the sand going down my throat as I type.
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